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Our Story

We began in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, in 2017 focusing on helping organizational leadership frame a constructive dialog necessary to detect and identify; coach and educate; prevent and mitigate; and ultimately suppress the problems of upward bullying within most organizations.  Today, Bolling Training and Consulting Group, LLC expanded its core business practice offering a suite of Wellness in the Workplace coaching, development, engagement, and training programs focusing on human capital assets, human resource management, leadership building, executive management building, soft skills building, and other customized and specialized auxiliary skill sets needed to sustain a functional, viable, and thriving workforce. 

Dr. Jerry A. Bolling-6288.jpeg

Dr. Jerry A. Bolling, EA

Founder & CEO


Bolling Training and Consulting Group, LLC is the brainchild of Dr. Bolling’s vision of constructing necessary dialog through coaching, development, engagement, and training programs to create Wellness in the Workplace.  At Bolling TCG we believe Wellness in the Workplace within any organization starts with their human capital assets.  Human capital is a vital measurement of the economic value employees provide through their abilities, knowledge, and skills.  We understand for an organization to reap the most benefits from their human capital a steady dose of employee coaching, development, engagement, and training is required.  The research data indicates an organization that focuses on their company culture, employee development, engagement, and well-being tend to outperform their competitors.  Our training and development programs are designed to enhance and build your organization’s human capital into a dynamic workforce while increasing your human resource management capabilities into solution-oriented improvement strategies for your work environment to thrive.


Dr. Bolling is a retired federal government manager with 30 years of services and a diverse background in the financial community working in accounting, budgeting, contract management, internal controls, and other areas of financial management.  Although Jerry retired from the financial arena he is never far from his financial roots.  He is the owner of Bolling Accu Taxes a small home-based practice, and the treasurer for the Maryland/District of Columbia Society of Enrolled Agents and the chapter of the American Federation of Government Employees’ (AFGE) Local 12.


Dr. Bolling earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in accounting from Bowie State University and his Doctor of Management with an emphasis in Leadership from the University of Phoenix.  His dissertation research was a phenomenological study on Enrolled Agent managers bullied by subordinate staff members.  He authored Upward Bullying (UB) in the Workplace for the e-Journal of Social and Behavioral Research in Business (June 2019).  Dr. Bolling is a federal coach with the Treasury Executive Institute (TEI) coaching cadre earning his coaching credentials from the Federal Internal Coach Training Program (FICTP) through the International Coach Federation.

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